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Complete Flappy Bird Course in Unity 2D


By the end of this course you will know how to create your very own Flappy Bird game in Unity. We will be starting from complete scratch building the scene for our game then all the way through until we have complete bird movement with respawning pipes and a store functionality . A Flappy Bird style game is one of the most iconic mobile games of our time. It offers the player an addictive fun challenge that can be replayed over and over again. By adding high score and coin collection the player will have more incentive to play again so they can beat their last score or save up enough coins to unlock a new character to play the next time. If you are new to coding do not worry all scripts will be walked through for each game object and source code will be available for download. With the steps below we will create our Flappy Bird game: Unity mobile set up Import art Camera settings Backgrounds Main menu Ui Shop Ui Menu script Shop script Game scene Score counter Game over Ui Bird objects Bird script Pipe objects Pipe script Pipe spawner Pipe spawner script Final review After completing each step above you will have your very own Flappy Bird game template and the knowledge to craft it into your own design for future game ideas.



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