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Abstract Background

About Red Fools Studio

William C - Head Instructor of Red Fools Studio

Who We Are

This company was founded on the concept of teaching real skills to people who want to join or improve their software development skills.


I myself as the founder of Red Fools Studio was not originally in the field of software development. I was originally studying in the medical field when one day a good friend introduced me to creating a simple game. From that moment I fell in love with developing software such as games, apps, websites and many other applications. Soon after years of developing software as a hobbyist and employee for other companies I had many friends and family reaching out to get help to get them into the industry which sparked the beginning of Red Fools Studio.

Just as my original friend introduced me to learning about software development I now know that it is my calling to be the friend to others and help them as mine did to me to start this amazing journey in the software development world.


Due note in all my years working, learning, and teaching about software development you do not need to be from a fancy big school or have the most talent of coding and design. The two core abilities you need to be successful as a software developer is patients and persistency above all else.


Never give up! 

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